There is a better way

Sheltered housing

the concern regarding future funding needs to be raised, ( why sheltered housing? } it is a vital service that give residents the confidence to downsize freeing up family homes and allowing themselves to live independent lives in their purpose built home for much longer, as long as there is a warden service, acting in the front line for care & advice putting off the day expensive care homes are needed 1 warden can give this kind of service for 60 residents for 12 months at a cost of £350per week.
net cost saved average £600 per week per person
supporting people works the other way gives support for person to remain in large house by putting in costly additions such as stair lifts showers ect.
only to be ripped out when resident goes into a home,
and we have seen cases where that has only been for 12 months.
we need to raise this with our council and mp
now before it is to late.
sheltered housing allows for a steady vacation of larger homes.
helps with the isolation and loneliness of elderly.
delays the move into expensive care homes.
if used effectively can reduce cost of carers
reduce N.H.S. costs by being aware of early signs.
community based system that helps create social events and reduces bed blocking.
to sum up it is cost effective it makes sense
so why is nobody still listening?

John richardson chair sheltered housing uk

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