My day in the house of lords

attended meeting discussing older persons housing and ensured they were aware 500K residents living in fear of wardens being removed and their communities closed down

we hear buzz words like older person homes and lifetime homes and communities.

I have news for them sheltered housing is actualy a home for the elderly, a lifetime home designed around them and disabled it is also lifetime community, all with the same aim to ensure peaceful secure retirement.

its been around since 1950s Sheltered housing initially provided a home for older council tenants coming out of family housing, where they could feel ‘looked after’ in later years.

And was a mechanism for freeing family homes naturaly,it can do that again by putting a small investment into it a warden costs around 25k for 60 residents £8 per person pw

total £400.80 pw

if only1 person has to go into a home it would cost councils around £600 per week

so it is financialy viable

it has been proved over 65 years

tenants love it

since this meeting i have been asked to do a blog on age uk web site to raise ths profile of sheltered and my local labour party has asked me to do a presentation to the next meeting in may  2016

i am also in the process of setting up a meeting with age uk having been invited to do so by them.

All positive stuff coming out of one meeting.

the committe report looks hopfull

Recommendations include:
Housing ministers to take lead on securing more support across government to boost output of house building for older people
Stamp Duty exemption for those over pension age
Help to Buy assistance extended to those buying new property in older age
Department of Health should supplement the government’s capital investment programme for housing with care support, as it saves money for the NHS and social care
Department for Work and Pensions should ensure its policies for rent regulation / housing benefit do not deter investment in extra care and specialist housing for older people
Local authorities should ensure their local plans give necessary priority to older people’s housing needs
House builders, investors and lenders should lead the way with high-quality design and imaginative marketing to address supply and demand
House builders and developers should sign up to relevant sector consumer codes and give clear and transparent information about charges and fees to potential buyers and tenants
Housing associations, as innovative providers, should move forward in introducing ‘care-ready’ features such as new connected homes technologies to provide greater autonomy and control
Housing associations should use their development skills and experience to assist the fledgling ‘senior co-housing’ movement.

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