funding warden costs with solar energy

An option we are looking at is covering sheltered housing with solar panels and making it a community project i.e. if one or two houses not suitable no problem all will share in the benefit which is expected to be 36to50% of electric costs.
I have discussed this with a company and their funders to see if it was possible to use the money generated to create pots of cash that could be used to pay for warden service,and they agree it is possible
1/to ring fence some for warden service to protect it from cuts.
2/to have part of the pot to reduce electric costs for residents 3/to have some to go to the landlord.
This is feasible with no cost to resident & landlord the funders will take their costs and profit over 20 years then the system will revert to the landlord.
why sheltered housing is ideal is they tend to be close communities with no pepper potting of general needs or private,
So it is less complication
If a housing trust or council had spare capital it could take the view that it would fund the panels themselves and make more out of the uplift.
But either way it seems to be a win, win, situation for resident and landlord.
So Residents and landlords start the ball rolling.