sheltered housing warden debate


Does sheltered housing have a future

At the Sheltered Housing UK association we carried out a national survey of the reason why people moved into sheltered housing, 97% said it was because it had a warden. But, that is in the past, most no longer have a warden more often than not it is a tick box operation.

warden controlled sheltered housing what is said

1/ out dated

2/ unaffordable

3/ give banded service choice

4/ 1/bedroom not big enough

5/ spread service to all

1/the system has been proved over time and the same issues true today. it releases larger houses in the market and creates a community with social life not possible in the wider community buildings may need updating but system is sound.

2/a warden can keep 60 residents in a safe environment for 12 months for the cost of keeping i resident in a larger home by adapting it and still isolated

3/banded choice instead of fixed price choice can reduce the wardens and leave the most needy more isolated and allow residents with no needs to occupy places, community breaks down.

4/ requirements of elderly minimum space i.e. 1 bedroom ok for 99% of time in purpose built property, most sites have flats available for family visits

5/ to spread wardens over large geographical area less effective time, due to traveling between properties
much better to bring this group to a purpose build property to allow for a community to be sustaining with warden presence ensuring cover and
knowledge of upcoming health problems prior to them becoming
serious in this environment residents and warden can prolong the time a
person can stay out of expensive care homes and for every resident prevented from going int care home saves council around £800 per week.

with more elderly in the near future we must not let this natural downsizing system to die simply because those power have not been aware of its important roll. Or do we?

John richardson
chair sheltered housing uk
national charity no 1137806
web site