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 Fitzroy house bath asked to leave their homes without adequate homes available to people to give this shocking news to people of this age without thinking through the impact, or a rehousing strategy and a plan to make the property safe prior to informing them of the decision  so far there has been no communication only information. this is not the way a major player in the field of sheltered housing would deal with this situation.
they were joined by john richardson chair of sheltered housing and Jonathan car green party
Fitzroy House have formed a action group to fight theplan

Ben Howlet baths mp is also on the case










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residents of ringfield close site in nailswoth

lovely to meet you all & thank you sandra and pat for the welcome will keep checking on

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dryleaze court




Morning All,

Here at Dryleaze court the main building comprising 33 units is only 48% occupied and some of the unoccupied units have fallen into disrepair.
The remaining units are occupied predominantly by very aged and vulnerable people and despite requests by us for SDC to advise us of what the future is for this building nothing is forthcoming.
We have since May 2014 followed the SDC complaints procedure culminating in appealing to our local MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown,
Geoffrey came to the scheme on Saturday 7 February to listen to the tenants here and he took time to view the building and some of the unoccupied units.
You will see from the extract from his weekly newsletter below that he has already written to the Chief Executive, David Hagg about our plight.

Geoffrey Clifton– Brown is the MP for Wotton-under-Edge and Minchinhampton – he did listen and was proactive in his response.

Just sending out a thought process for those of you who have concerns and are not sure where to turn – the SDC complaints procedure although lengthy can produce results –alternatively attend your local MP’s surgery you could be pleasantly surprised especially at this time!!

Lest we forget; Geoffrey Clifton-Brown is the first and only MP or prospective MP who has shown any interest in the plight of sheltered tenants in the Stroud District.

Kind regards,

Pauline and Jim

Tel; 01453 842017
Mobile; 07837879034
From: CLIFTON-BROWN, Geoffrey [mailto:CLIFTONBROWNG@parliament.uk]
Sent: 13 February 2015 18:12
Subject: Weekly email

Friday 13th February 2015

I have once again had a busy week in both the constituency and in Westminster.

Over the weekend I met with residents of Dryleaze Court to hear their many concerns about the way Stroud District Council has been managing the properties there. I have written in the strongest terms to the Chief Executive of the Council in support of the residents.

IMG-20150207-00140 (2)
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP meeting with residents of Dryleaze Court

With best wishes

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown


Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, F.R.I.C.S. M.P

Member of Parliament for The Cotswolds
T: 020 7219 5147
E: cliftonbrowng@parliament.uk
W: www.cliftonbrown.co.uk
The name of Joan’s site is Home Meadow, Totnes. There are 64 flats wish to be affilliated

Hello John,

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are keeping on good health.

I apologise for not replying sooner to your email about affiliation of our group to Sheltered Housing UK; no excuses, it just slipped through the net!.
Yes, we would very much like our group to be affiliated to Sheltered Housing UK.
At the moment, we are awaiting a response to an appeal we have made for a “friendly lawyer”
to join us in our campaign.
With best wishes to you and Anne

Rosemary Walker

message from saved 17th dec 2014 Thank you for coming to talk to us. SAVEDusap would very much like to be affiliated to Sheltered UK

visit to Stroud 16th dec we were made most welcome and welcome on board from sheltered housing uk

Stroud visit

Stroud visit

Stroud visit

Stroud visit

visit to market raisen 26th november
Rosemary and charles patrick pics to follow

P1010096visit Ambion Court (Market Boswell) requested by David smith a very active member

shuck meeting with45 residents from 10 schemes guest speaker joe Oldman age uk

shuck meeting with45 residents from 8 schemes



href=”http://www.shelteredhousinguk.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/IMG_0679.jpg”>milton keynes Sudgrove house visit milton keynes
Sudgrove house happy with their warden system 8 till 5]




sheltered housing reps with curo

sheltered housing reps shop group (sheltered older people)representing 1500 propeties with curo

more votes to join shuck

more votes to join shuck

voting to join shuck

voting to join shuck

celebrating lottery funding

celebrating lottery funding

012park house bath

bath group

bath group

10th April wish campaign bath 2014

10th April wish campaign bath 2014

meeting with peasdown St John Residents Group 33 properties and 36 residents

midsummer residents fight demolishment of their community
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